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    Kite Surfboards

    “For us, It has always been about freeriding. And the epitome of freeriding has always been in the surf. We want to explore the outer reef, the reeling point break, and the dumpy shore pound. Beers, waves, and friends; That might as well be our mission statement.” - Matt Gustafsen
    2020 Tyrant Surfboard 5’8” 2020 Tyrant Surfboard 5’8”On Sale
    $1,399.99 $979.00
    2020 Sci-Fly Surfboard 5’0” 2020 Sci-Fly Surfboard 5’0”On Sale
    $1,399.95 $979.95
    2021 Celero XR Kite surf board
    2021 Slingshot Mixer XR Surfboard Sold Out
    2020 Slingshot Celero FR Surfboard 2020 Slingshot Celero FR SurfboardSold Out