Slingshot Burner XR V1 Surfboard

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Versatility / Freeride / Surf

Looking for a board that has a playful fun feel and can optimise any condition? Introducing the all new Burner. The Burner features a more forward wide point outline, giving it a ton of float and drive in the pocket. Additionally, its wider tail block makes the board loose and playful and its 5-fin box configuration make it extremely versatile. The Burner is the perfect blade to reach for when the winds turn onshore, or the peak lacks a little punch. It's extremely playful, snappy, and loose making you feel like a hero on the open face. Its double instep tail shape gives it bite and hold when aggressively attacking the lip. The all new Burner is playful, versatile, and a heck of a lot of fun.

Package includes: Burner XR V1 board, FCSII Reactor Tri-Fin set up.

Why we made it

We built the Burner XR to provide riders with performance versatility in less than ideal wind and wave conditions. The Burner is at home and optimised for all conditions.

Why you will love it

+ XR Construction—the best blend of durability and weight, providing a true surfboard feel.
+ The best board we make for optimising less than ideal conditions.
+ 5-fin configuration that provides infinite versatility.

New Winged Swallow Tail

The winged swallow tail has a great deal of hold and traction. The upside down V shape in the tail gives the Burner control and fast movements out of turns giving it more drive in between turns to get over softer sections.

New Versa 5 Fin Configuration

Provides riders with more versatility.  The Burner can be ridden as a Thruster, Quad, or even as a Twin Fin depending on the conditions.

XR Construction

With premium features such as bamboo in the belly and carbon stringers, our XR Construction produces a more lively, lightweight, high-performance kite surfboard.

Uni-Directional Carbon Stringer

Lengthwise carbon stringers on both the top and bottom provide strength and stiffness.

3k Carbon Rail Savers

Carbon Fiber rail patches along the tail help prevent cracking, heel dents and damage from hard landings and deep input.

FCS II Reactor Fins

No tool required—just click in and click out. They're quick, easy, convenient and secure.

Delivery & Returns

Delivery & Returns

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