The Summer of “Wing”

The Summer of “Wing”

So I’m betting the last time you went to your local beach you stopped and stared at the butterfly type creature flapping madly out in the water.

Well my friend you have just witnessed the fastest growing water sport on the planet.

What is winging?

Let me explain, have you ever dreamed of gliding over the water (or snow/ tarmac) powered by nothing but the wind? If so then “winging” might be the sport for you.

 In a nutshell, harnessing the power of the wind in an inflatable handheld wing. whether you choose to jump on your SUP at the lake, or a skateboard in the car park or maybe a hydrofoil board at the local beach. When you break it down it's all about the thrill of the ride.

I still remember my first ride with The SlingwingV1 and a long skateboard, wow the speed I was doing had my friends betting on how much skin I was about to lose, but hey I’ve still got it all.

Next up was a session on the water with a close friend. After some words of encouragement, I was waist deep in the cool winter water of Queensland's Woody Point trying to get up on an old windsurfer board borrowed from a mate.

Fast forward to present day, I have lost count of how many people I have handed a wing to and said “here stand on the beach and play with this thing for a while”, from my 10 year old daughter to my local councillor, the simple intuitive nature of the Wing makes for endless fun for all the family.

I recall a friend telling me his wife had said “no” to bringing his kites on the family holiday but “yes” to the wing as they could all use it with the paddle board.

The Slingshot SlingWing packs down to the size of a small carry-on bag so it is easy enough to chuck it in the caravan/boat or in the back of your car.

Some say windsurfing was a fad, others say kitesurfing is for the extreme athlete. I recall saying to myself I'm not going to get into hydro-foiling and now I find myself in love with our Phantasm PTM 926 Hydrofoil .

These days when I go to the beach I find myself counting the kiters and wingers then saying wow how fast did that change. It's so awesome to see people I've never seen before heading out with a wing in one hand and a foil board in the other. (We suggest the Wing Craft V1)

We at Slingshot Australia are right behind this uptake of winging, we love nothing more than seeing people learning and experiencing the joy of wind powered sports.


Grant Hore

Slingshot Australia

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