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Balance, power, stability, and ease of use are the hallmark traits the SlingWing V4?s all-new high tension canopy design. This revolutionary design enhances all elements of our flagship wing.

Refinements in new materials, leading-edge design, and our high-tension canopy profile makes the SlingWing V4 more balanced and easier to fly. This wing excels across all performance metrics no matter how or where you choose to use it.

? True Tension Airframe optimized for our high-tension canopy profile.
? High-tenacity 160g/m? FrameLITE airframe.
? HGrid Rigid Canopy Construction prevents canopy stretch and provides anti-catastrophic rip protection from your foil or in the surf.
? VersaStrut is a hybrid-canted strut design that reduces a large in-wall and provides superior strut-to-canopy connection.
? 27mm SlingGrip Aluminum Handles are ergonomically optimized.
? Pistol-grip front handle allows confident luffing and control when riding downwind
swell. ClickConnect handle attachments are tool-less; quickly and securely clicking into place.
? Reflex profile creates upward lift, making the wing feel positive in your hands while tacking and jibing.
? Weather-resistant TPU windows offer maximum durability and safety.
? Tied-in center strut bladder is secure in place, preventing blowouts.
? Compact wingspan ensures that the wingtips remain catch-free.
? One-Pump Speed System gets the wing pumped quickly.

True Tension Airframe Design
A strategically calculated taper from the center of the LE wing to the wing tips,
the True Tension Airframe delivers our new revolutionary high tension canopy
medium span wing design. Offering superior balance and handing with best-in-
class flex characteristics. Stiff in the front and transitioning to softer at the wing
tips, the TrueTaper Airframe keeps the first third of the canopy structure smooth
rigid for on-demand power while allowing wing tip twist off in gusty conditions or
flag out and surf with total control.

FrameLITE Construction
Utilized throughout the SlingWing V4?s airframe, this high-tenacity polyester
features biaxial gridding and extensive emulsion coating, eliminating stretch in all
directions while providing a more balanced feel, better power control, and stable,
effortless luffing while surfing. The stiffness of FrameLite?s unique 2x2 weave
structure significantly reduces elongation of the airframe and increases multi-
season durability. At 160 grams per square meter, FrameLite uncompromisingly
offers the optimum balance of flex, strength, stiffness, and weight.

Rigid H-Grid Canopy Construction
The SlingWing V4 utilizes our new HGrid Rigid canopy construction. We doubled
our horizontal canopy paneling count by implementing a strategic seaming
pattern that enables our new high-tension canopy profile. These reinforced
seams and a strategic gridded canopy prevent the canopy stretch. It also
eliminates catastrophic blowouts or rips in the event your foil goes through your
wing or goes through the wringer in the surf.

With its hybrid canted strut design, VersaStrut works in conjunction with HGrid
Rigid Canopy Construction to control our high-tension canopy profile. It allows
for less in-fill wall connection in the mid-section and direct strut-to-canopy
connection toward the trailing edge. The canted forward section of the strut
moves the wing further from the rider, which creates significant dampening and
takes any slack out of rider input. Connecting the strut directly to the rear of the
canopy yields a more direct and rapid response when pumping and distributes
loads uniformly into the canopy.

SlingGrip Aluminum Handles
The reduced 27-millimeter diameter with dual-patterned EVA and ergonomically
optimized pentagonal circumference of the SlingGrip Aluminum handles
provides all-day comfort and better roll control by matching the exact shape
of your grip, plus we added a little extra side wall for fingers to torque against
when needed. A pistol-grip front handle allows riders to confidently luff the wing
and ride swell without needing to move their hand to the leading-edge webbing
handle. The angled pistol-grip gives you the ability to regulate power in the
wing while luffing and keep the trailing edge up.

The easiest and quickest handle connection available on any wing, the
ClickConnect requires no tools to mount your handles. Simply slide the handle
into the connection point on the strut until it clicks. Superiorly engineered, the
ClickConnect mounts are sewn around the strut to distribute load and avoid
pinch points.

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Delivery & Returns

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