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    This bargain-bin has always got heaps in it. So get digging. We have Kites, Boards, Harness, Wakeboards, Wakesurfers, Surfboards, Foils and more. This gear could be a season or two old or maybe used more than once. Either way the gear is still in perfectly good working order and is going to give you hours of fun on the water. 

    2020 Slingshot Coalition Wakeboard 2020 Slingshot Coalition WakeboardOn Sale
    $799.95 $559.95
    2020 Slingshot Water Gunn Wakeboard 2020 Slingshot Water Gunn WakeboardSold Out
    $899.95 $629.95
    Ex Demo 2020 Slingshot Terrain Ex Demo 2020 Slingshot TerrainOn Sale
    $759.95 $475.00
    2020 Slingshot Space Mob Liners 2020 Slingshot Space Mob LinersOn Sale
    $149.95 $119.95
    2019 Slingshot RPM Kite 2019 Slingshot RPM KiteOn Sale
    From $1,349.00 $1,079.20
    2019 Slingshot Rally Kite Only 2019 Slingshot Rally Kite OnlyOn Sale
    From $1,439.00 $1,151.20
    Ex Demo 2017 Slingshot  RPM Kite Only Ex Demo 2017 Slingshot  RPM Kite OnlyOn Sale
    $1,729.00 $999.00
    Ex Demo 2016 Slingshot The Fuel Kite Only Ex Demo 2016 Slingshot The Fuel Kite OnlyOn Sale
    $1,638.95 $819.50
    Slingshot Wizard Windsurf Foilboard
    From $1,449.95
    2020 Slingshot Coaster Wakesurfer On Sale
    $999.95 $749.96