Free learn-to-wind foil course covers everything you need to know

After overwhelmingly positive releases of kite and wake Foil Academy, Slingshot is excited to release the industry’s first and only comprehensive course covering everything you need to know about learning to windsurf foil.

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WindFoil Academy is a FREE course that follows longtime designer, windsurfer and foiling thought leader Tony Logosz through every step of learning this amazing adaptation of windsurfing. Chapters feature detailed descriptions of the learning process with on-water video clips for the perfect combination of technical information and visual examples to take to the water. We’re confident in saying, if you’re anyone interested in or committed to learning to windsurf foil, you NEED to enroll in Windsurf Foil Academy.

Windsurf Foil Academy Instuctor Tony Logosz



Our commitment to foiling:

Along with Windsurf Foil Academy, Slingshot has produced courses in kiteboard foiling, wake foiling and will soon launch surf and SUP foiling academies. For the last few years we have focused a huge amount of time and energy into developing comprehensive foil lines with the goal of making the amazing sensation of flight as accessible and approachable as possible, across all watersports.

Slingshot is fully committed to foiling as an entire category of our brand. We have an ambitious vision for the future of this amazing sport. Join us for the ride!



The Slingshot belief:

  1. Uncompromising quality: Our mission is to build the best equipment in the industry, no shortcuts, no compromises, no bullshit.
  2. Inspired innovation: We are leaders, not followers. Over the last 20 years, we’ve been at the forefront of our industries while others play catch up. We don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.
  3. Accessibility: Simply put, we want people of all walks of life and background to have access to the sports we love. We want our gear to be the vehicle for health, happiness and a connection to the great outdoors.
  4. Rock solid support: We stand behind everything we build, and pride ourselves in direct, personal and caring customer support. In the event that you need us, we guarantee we’ll be here.
  5. Authenticity: At Slingshot, we live, breathe and believe in the lifestyle our products enable. We are not businessmen in suits and fancy cars. We drive vans loaded full of gear and come back from lunch with wet shorts and sand in our hair.


Products used to learn with Foil Academy

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