Which Slingshot Wing Is Right For You?

Which Slingshot Wing Is Right For You?
The Blaster, Javelin, SlingWing or Dart, which one is right for you? 
Let's jump in for a look at the who, what & why behind each one

 Blaster V1

  • The Blaster is a great entry level option for many people, at a great price point it offers some killer Slingshot features.  
  • At a great price point the Blaster is affordable enough to keep in the boat, caravan, just add you SUP and hey presto your on the water. 
  • We put large windows in the Blaster, this helps with safety on the water, entry level and non wingers can confidently see around them when “Blasting” around on the water. 
  • We made it in one size to keep it simple, the 4.4 meter wing has a narrow span that helps to keep the wing tips out of the water.
  • The compact design makes turns and transitions that much easier, its lightweight inflatable frame is rigid and makes handling a breeze.

Javelin V1

The Javelin as its name suggests is a double ended weapon. The two points to take away are, it's a fast forgiving wing that has direct handling.
  • Slingshot’s new kid on the block is the Javelin. Slingshot's first wing featuring a full length boom. The ability to slide your hands anywhere you like in an instant, equals fast precise handling and power delivery. Riders coming from a windsurfing background will love the Javelin. 
  • The pulled in wingspan and direct feel of this wing will appeal to the race scene and beginners alike.  
  • The boom will help beginners when moving the wing around, the direct connection makes for more accurate placement avoiding catching the wing tips. 
  • Experienced riders, and fast paced course racers will enjoy this direct connection and slick profile, as the name suggests it flies through the air. 

SlingWing V3

  • The SlingWing now in its 3rd iteration is our original wing “the wing that started it all”. Widely known for its low end power and extremely good “luff” stability (when holding the front handle it doesn't rock from side to side). 
  • This combination makes a great wave riding wing, however, the low end grunt of the SlingWing V3 makes getting going a breeze. 
  • These attributes make it a favourite for many people, learners, weekend warriors and pros alike. 
  • Now with a choice of soft or hard handles it truly is the allrounder of our wing family.

For many riders keeping it simple is the key, here at Slingshot we call the “Rider Simplicity”. It is that feeling when you can just pump up and ride knowing you're on a wing that can do it all.

The Dart V1 

  • The Dart….. Its name says it all, fast, accurate, super responsive, hard charging. 
  • This is the wing used for the first backflip in wing foiling. 
  • The compact canopy span and tucked in wing design make it look like a fighter jet. True to its look the Dart is a machine when working on flips and airborne tricks.
  • A smooth powerful wing that rockets up wind, with plenty of power to burn. 

Whilst the Dart looks out of this world in the current wing market, it's really a wolf in sheep's clothing. It can boost large airs, those tucked in tips make it easier on a beginner. There's nothing worse as a learner than having to start all over again after dunking the tips and the wing flipped over in your hands. 

So yes it's a hard charging wing for the power hungry rider, it can also be very forgiving for the “newby”

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