The Slingshot Javelin V1 has arrived!

The Slingshot Javelin V1 has arrived!

Totally new for 2023 we are stoked to introduce the Slingshot Javelin V1 Wing Slingshot's first wing with a full-length boom! Featuring an industry-first G hook tensioner to adjust the canopy tension on the fly this combined with the full-length boom provides the ultimate in handling and greater control

What do we like most about the Javelin V1 Wing? 

  • A shorter boxier wing span will help keep wing tips out of the water
  • Being compact with the added strength of the boom, it makes learning and improving skills much easier! 
  • Boom control allows for direct and powered handling through turns and manoeuvres

But what about the Javelin’s adjustable G hook tension strap?

Yes, that's right, you can now make on-the-go adjustments to modify your wing, allowing you to reduce or increase the Javelin V1 wing’s power (Tighten it up for reduced power, let it out for increased power).

Who is the Javelin V1 Wing better suited for?

While beginners have had great success learning on the Javelin V1 Wing, many of Slingshot’s pro riders are preferring this new wing. 

Why? The precision control provided by the boom offers a totally different style of ride to the Dart and Sling wing. 

What does our in-house Wing Wizard Grant think of the new addition to the winging range? 

"The Javelin V1 is powerful with a direct feel.  Riders will enjoy the ease of its upwind ability while beginners will enjoy the narrower profile. The boom is a welcome addition taking away any flutter; you aren’t reaching for handles!

Compared to the SlingWing V3, the Javelin V1 is fast and easily slips upwind. Its direct handling provides a different level of control that will benefit a new rider or a seasoned winger."

- Grant Hore

*our very own foil & wing sports encyclopaedia *



How About Industry Recognition?

"Overall the Javelin is an outstanding wing for riders of all abilities and styles. The power delivery diversity that can be achieved from one platform is insane. " 

- Foiling Magazine Review on the Javelin 4M Wing




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