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    How to choose a Surf Foil Board ?

    What's different about a Surf Foil Board?

    Surf foilboards are smaller than your regular surfboards. They typically range between 3” and 6” foot. A foil specific SUP board may also have chimed rails to help you 'bounce' back up when you hit the water.   

    surf foilboard

    The main function of the board is just to glide you into the waves. As soon as you get some speed, the foil will do it’s magic and lift you out of the water. That’s when you start flying. 

    With recent improvements, the Surf foil boards have become even easier to use. Often you just need a small wave to get some speed and then you'll be up and gliding. 

    How does the Foil work?

    The foil is made up of the mast and the foil or wings. The mast connects the board and foil. A short mast is easier to control and is the better choice in your early days. Once you got the hang of it, you can switch to a longer mast. Longer masts can handle more chop and offer more tolerance when carving and turning your board.

    The Foil has two wings. The front wing provides the uplift necessary to elevate you out of the water, while the back wing stabilizes your ride. The wing size varies by rider weight, surf height and conditions.


     Choosing a Surf Hydrofoil Choosing a surfboard foil can be a difficult decision. Luckily, we have the gear and knowledge to help anyone choose the gear that will expedite their progression. Some of the variables that may influence your choice of foils are weight, wave height, board choice, ability, and riding style. The path to choosing the best foil can be a convoluted one; as a result, we encourage new foilers to reach out to us for a personal recommendation.

    Slingshot makes 4 types of Surf Foilboards at the moment and can be defined easily by your skill level in the water and your weight. Bigger guys are going to need bigger boards. Whereas advanced surfers who already have a good paddle in fitness may be able to get away with a smaller volume board. 

    1. Slingshot Converter Surf Foilboard 5'4" - 26L - Advanced / Tow In

    2. Slingshot Simulator Surf Foilboard 5'6" - 36L - Intermediate

    3. Slingshot SkyWalker Surf Foilboard 5'11" - 51L - Beginner to Intermediate

    4. Slingshot Dwarf Craft Foilboard 3'6" - 19.3L - Tow In 



    Wake Foil Behind Any Boat

    Last year we launched foilboarding into the towable market, on the back of the curious people that make up the Slingshot tribe.  The foil eliminated the need for perfect water, the perfect boat or the perfect wake.  We noticed foiling opened up a new surfing experience never felt before.  It works behind pontoon boats, jet skis, I/O and V-drive boats. All you need is a rope and 10mph.

    Rope or No Rope

    We’re doubling down on that experience for 2018.  That means two riding options and unlimited accessibility with a rope or no rope.  Check this out.



    The 2018 Hover Glide Foil Wake Package is a complete package designed for use with a traditional wakeboard rope, and can be used behind any boat.  It’s a little faster which makes all conditions a thrill.

    Wake Foil on the 2nd Wake Back

    The second story is our addition of our new H2 surf wing.  That’s right  anyone can switch out the smaller standard H5 wing, and add the NEW H2 Surf Wing (sold separately)  Get up, get on the wave, drop the rope.

    Our H2 surf wing is a  little bigger and slower so it naturally wants to surf at the same speed of the wake. The H2 wing creates more lift at slower speeds and has more glide compared to the standard H5 wing

    If you own a V drive, you can surf it right behind the boat, or second and third wave back! We have got up to 4th wave back and we’re sure the curious will do more!

    So think about that…If you own a I/O you’re now invited to the wake surf party, as long as you’re riding the second wake back.  That is unheard of until now.   Your welcome.

    Slingshot Wake foiling gear box:


    Wake Foil Academy

    Wake Foil Academy

    Learn for free with Foil Academy

    www.Foil-Academy.com: Slingshot’s Foil Academy is a FREE all-in-one online course that covers everything you need to know about learning to wake foil. The course, guided by longtime pro rider and Slingshot Wake brand manager, Jeff McKee, is as a step-by-step program that will take the intimidation and frustration out of the learning process. From assembling your foil and getting safely on the water to transitioning to the longer mast, carving and foil wakesurfing, Foil Academy guarantees that you’ll not only have the best, most cutting edge equipment, but that you’ll know how to use it properly as well.
    To register, visit www.Foil-Academy.com

    Wakefoiler Mast lengths: 

    The Wakefoiler package comes with 15-inch and 24-inch aluminum masts, which can be interchanged quickly and easily. The incremental lengths are designed for ease of progression. The concept is simple: Start with the shorter, more manageable mast until you get the hang of it, then graduate to the longer, more versatile mast when you’re ready.

    15-inch mast: You'll experience faster progression, less pain and less frustration with the Wakefoiler’s 15-inch mast. With a short mast you’ll get used to the foil under your feet, you’ll get a feeling for subtle movements, balance and weight distribution needed and will progress with less risk than with a longer mast. 

    24-inch mast: Once you’re comfortable getting the board into position, getting up proficiently and are gaining controlled rides on the foil, you’ll be ready for the 24-inch mast. Switching to the longer mast will give you more mobility and more range of motion behind the boat. You’ll quickly gain a feeling for the fine-tuned control foiling requires, and as you progress you’ll be amazed at how much control you have and how agile you can be with the foil.


    Any craft, any condition

    You no longer need a perfectly calm day, or a boat that puts out the perfect wake. With the Wakefoiler, you can ride behind essentially any craft with a motor, in essentially any condition. The pull is amazingly light, which means you can ride longer without your arms getting tired and, once you’re up and foiling, you can rise above rough conditions for a butter smooth feeling like snowboarding on the best powder of the season. 

    User-friendly Freeride design

    Hydrofoils come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and even subtle differences in design can make a big difference in performance. Slingshot’s Wakefoil is a proven design that matches the performance needs of behind-the-boat riding perfectly. It’s a friendly foil that planes early, has a relatively slow bottom-end speed, a medium top-end speed and is extremely stable in the water. 

    As foil’s go, the Wakefoil is relatively heavy due to its aluminum and fiberglass construction. This yields two advantages: It’s one of the most durable foils available, and the weight provides stability, which translates to forgiving handling for beginners and agility as you progress.