Slingshot Phantasm, a foil that will evolve with you!

Slingshot Phantasm, a foil that will evolve with you!

Phantasm, phan . tasam, fan . tasam fan’taz . um,

A creation of the fancy or imagination; an apparition; a deceptive likeness of something.

This is how Noah Webster of Webster dictionary fame defined the Phantasm in 1971-2.

Jump forward to the year 2022 we now define the Phantasm very differently. You
could be excused for calling the Phantasm a 7 legged mythical creature, the
Phantasm creation was shrouded in mist and rumour for many a year. Release dates leaked, hype sheets anonymously shared on the interned, Chinese whispers galore, when will it arrive, how many wings will there be, will it be all carbon etc etc etc.

Well the truth is out, the seven legs of the Phantasm are alive and are reaching out for discerning riders.

After leading the way in the foil space with the highly regarded Hover Glide range, the Phantasm from Slingshot raises the bar to new heights.

Now foilers are levelling up to one of the most comprehensive foil systems ever built.

The seven mystical tentacles of the Phantasm have latched onto unsuspecting
prone / Wind / wing / wake / sup / kite & doc start foilers to world around.


You want carbon? We got carbon, regular, widebody 72cm - 125c
Our masts are a combination of super high modulus 12 K wrapped around twin 10 K carbon eye beams.
You want aluminium? We got aluminium regular, widebody 72 cm - 103cm
You want fuses? We got fuselages 653mm 710mm 872mm
how about high-performance aircraft grade aluminium alloy.
You want wings? We got wings, high aspect, low aspect, mid aspect, fast, really fast, glide, agility, stability, speed, you name it we got it.

This mythical beast has uppers (masts), lowers (front wing, fuselage, stabiliser), padded covers, travel cases, wing covers, tool kits, how-to guides, you name it the Phantasm system has it.

Alex Fox explains the evolution from the Hover Glide to the Phantasm in this 2022 Slingshot Foils Product Preview from the AWSI product show.

We even made a chart so you can choose what will work best for your style of foiling. Check it out here.

Phantasm Wing and Lower Package Chart – Slingshot Sports
Harking back to Noah Webster's dictionary definition “a creation of fancy or imagination”. The Phantasm foil range certainly fulfils that definition. ‘Imagination’ lead to the ‘creation’ of a product that will evolve with you.

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Grant Hore

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