Slingshot Kite Surfboards by Ben Wilson & legendary shaper, Al Emery

Ben Wilson, Al Emery Slingshot Kite surfboards Impact XR, Sci-Fly XR, Burner XR

What do you get when you combine kite icon, Ben Wilson and legendary Byron Bay Shaper, Al Emery?

A perfectly crafted range of Slingshot Kite Surfboards, some may say the best range Slingshot have ever made!

XR Construction

Built to last, all three surfboards come packed full of XR Construction goodness (bamboo in the belly and carbon stringers, creating a more lively, lightweight, high-performance board)  so you can trust they can handle the impact and pressure kitesurfing throws at them.


We let Benny Wilson give us the rundown on these boards, the motivation behind their designs and what makes these kite surfboards different. 


Sci-Fly XR V2  

The vision with this board was to design an entry-level board for riders coming off a twin tip and wanting to get into the waves or ride strapless for the first time, but still for it to be amazing for intermediate to advanced strapless freestyle riders and most importantly work really well in the waves and to be perfectly honest it’s the best noseless board I’ve used to date in the waves. The design is based off the V1 Sci-fly with some tech thrown in from the best points from the boards I worked on with BWSurf over the years.

Impact XR V1

Simply put this is the best performance board I’ve ever used in quality or steeper/faster waves, it drives perfectly off the bottom up into the pocket of the wave and really allows you to have full control at all times in critical moments. The design is inspired by one of Emery’s best performance shortboards with the volume taken out and my twist on some additional tech with the tail and concave etc.

Burner XR V1 

The Burner is the other option for riders that don’t like the cut off nose shape and gel more with a traditional surfboard shape, it has all the same elements as the Sci-fly but leans more towards wave riding rather than strapless freestyle. It feels alive and incredibly nice to ride and is the ultimate light wind wave riding weapon in fun surf.


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