Jeremy Burlando Wins Big Air Kite Leagues Tatajuba Stop

Jeremy Burlando Wins Big Air Kite Leagues Tatajuba Stop

Hard work, natural talent or the best equipment?

When it comes to kiteboarding, Slingshot team rider, Jeremy Burlando has it all, helping him to secure his first BAKL (Big Air Kite League) tour win!

Yep, this is a huge moment for the 17 year old from Tenerife on his quest to being the best kiteboarder in the world with 4 junior world titles already under his belt. 

Big air kiteboarding is absolutely insane with riders being judged on HEIGHT, TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY and RISK. Jeremy understood the asignment and absolutely threw down with a board off triple flip with a double loop and a absolutely HUGE unhooked handle pass backroll to beat Andrea Principi in 2nd and Giel Vlugt taking 3rd place. 


“Lots of training lately, but as it is, hard work pays off. So very happy on my first win of the BAKL tour. Having the right gear that I trust made everything better and easier, now I am hungry for more!”

- Jeremy Burlando


So what kite is Jeremy running? 

His kite of choice is the CODE V1

Slingshot’s best all-around and most versatile kite and easily a team rider favourite not just Jeremy's, the Code V1 perfect for kiteboarders of all skill levels. That’s right, he won a big air contest with a user friendly type of kite, we think that shows how good this kite really is! 

“The Code is my go-to kite for technical big airs as well as for teaching at my pro center in Sicily. The Code is unstoppable! Light bar pressure and fast, reactive turning make this kite perfect for every riding style.” 
 - Jeremy Burlando

Learn more about the Code V1 kite!

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