Cable Wakeboards VS Boat riding Wakeboards, are they all the same?

Cable Wakeboards VS Boat riding Wakeboards, are they all the same?

While boat and cable wakeboards might seem similar there are many differences. 

Wakeboard design has come a long way, especially in the past 10 years. As cable parks blew up and started appearing worldwide and the style of rail riding changed. Park riders were looking for more response on rails, softer flex and a platform that allowed for more freedom on the water. Slingshot took notice and understood the needs of the park riders. 

How is a boat wakeboard different to a park board?

Boat boards are designed to react off of the wake, the stiffer the core the more response the board will give, helping the rider to get some sweet air! Board channels and fins help boards to track better through the water and hold a stronger, which gives the rider more control and allows them to start edging harder. 

Carbon is often used in higher-end boat wakeboards to create more strength while the board stays lightweight. 


When it comes to modern park riding, it seems more flex = more fun, flexier wakeboards are also  easier to control on top of a rail. But at what point does the board flex before it breaks? Well, thanks to wood core materials Slingshots park boards retain strength while staying light, they pop and flex and deliver a magical feeling. 

Why are park wakeboards so ridiculously wide?

We asked our mate and team Rider, Alex Figgins “why so much wakeboard?” His response was “The short answer is surface area. The surface area is your friend, it introduces more stability and more speed.”

Dedicated park wakeboards are built tough!

On the base and the boards' rails (edges) you will find materials that are built for hitting obstacles and creating a more durable board, tolerating far more than a boat board will. When it comes to board channels you will find the base of a park board is very simple, which gives less friction and hang ups on the obstacles. This also helps with the durability factor.

Can you ride a boat board at the park or a park board behind the boat? 

Of course, though we don’t suggest it. Taking a park board behind the boat is super fun for butters and playing around on the wake, maybe not so much for jumping the wake. Think more small wake, soul sessions! 

If you do use your boat wakeboard on obstacles, please note that your warranty may be void. 

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