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2023 Sci-Fly XR V2 Surfboard

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Freestyle / Performance / Surf

The Sci Fly XR returns in its second iteration packed with even more performance. Featuring an all new Triple Channeled Hull, the Sci Fly XR V2 is stiffer and loaded with even more explosive drive and pop for aerial manoeuvres and on water tracking. The XR Construction produces the perfect blend of weight and strength, providing you the highest performance true surfboard feel to handle all the rigours of kiteboarding. The truncated nose design significantly reduces swing weight and provides a central control point on the board, making airs, spins and skate-style tricks easier than any other board. The parallel rail outline reduces drag and increases water speed to get more drive and pop without jeopardising stability or landing comfort.

Package Includes: Sci Fly XR V2 board, FCSII Reactor Quad-Fin set up.

Why we made it

The Sci Fly XR is built to provide top of the line strapless freestyle performance in an intuitive and fun to ride package.

Why you will love it

+ XR Construction the best blend of durability and weight, providing a true surfboard feel. 

+ The best board we make for boosting, strapless freestyle, and aerials.

+ All new Triple Channeled Hull provides hero level grip, tracking, and stiffness.

NEW Triple Channeled Hull

The advanced and complex hull design provides stiffness for added pop, as well as channeling and grip to provide better tracking through the water and resistance against the kite.

NEW Quad Fin Configuration

This new fin configuration provides more drive and grip while preventing spin out during powered turns.

Winged Diamond Tail

A sharp and pivotal shape during turns with plenty of grip and a clean release when popping off the water.

XR Construction

With premium features such as bamboo in the belly and carbon stringers, our XR Construction produces a more lively, lightweight, high-performance kite surfboard.

Uni-Directional Carbon Stringer

Lengthwise carbon stringers on both the top and bottom provide strength and stiffness.

3k Carbon Rail Savers

Carbon Fiber rail patches along the tail help prevent cracking, heel dents, and damage from hard landings and deep input.

FCS II Reactor Fins 

No tool required—just click in and click out. They're quick, easy, convenient and secure.

Delivery & Returns

Delivery & Returns

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