2018 Slingshot KTV Boots

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+ Medium flex offers ideal balance between support and mobility

+ Quick and easy entry-exit

+ Gummy Straps squeeze tight, won’t loosen as you ride

+ Eliminates the frustration of Velcro

+ Get the right fit with three-zone closure


 The 2018 KTV features an upgraded interior for added ergonomics and cushion and a three-piece Gummy Strap closure system that will have you booted-up and ready to ride in no time. With a medium flex, the KTV is the ideal boot for riders who like a little more give in their setup, whether for causal cruising or tweaking-out grabs


You’ll love the KTV Boots if you want a setup with quick and easy entry/exit, a little more flex than the Shredtown for tweaking out those grabs and no laces to deal with.

The KTV is the perfect blend between the RAD and Shredtown. The name comes from the term “Karaoke TV” which is really big in China where, once upon a time, one of our boot designers had the night of his life. So we decided to name the boot after his experience. The boot features fixed liners with three zones of Gummy Strap closure to keep things simple yet supportive. They are certainly the fastest boots to get in and out of so you can slide right on past all the lace tanglers on the dock and grab the next open carrier before they even have the chance to look up. The KTV also offers the most flex, so if you prefer a softer more agile boot the KTV will be the most manoeuvrable in the line.

Gummy STRAPS: The closure you’ve been yearning for Gummy Straps are a simple solution to a problem that has afflicted wakeboarding boots since the very beginning. In technical terms, Gummy Straps are super strong, high-tension Thermoplastic Poly Urethane (TPU). In rider's terms, Gummy Straps are a rad new way to synch your boots tight and keep them tight no mater how long you ride or how hard you crash. No more loosening over time, no more Velcro, no more cumbersome closure systems: Gummy Straps stretch when you fasten them, then squeeze your boots tight as you ride. They're also easily interchangeable and each boot comes with two sets of colors so you can customize your style.
DIRECT CONNECT SOLES: No more baseplates. Slingshot’s direct connect soles reduce the footprint of the boot and allow the board to flex more efficiently underfoot. With a direct connection to the deck, the reaction time of the board is immediate when you engage on your toes or heels to set an edge. This increases rider feel and control and improves the overall connection to your board.

K9 MOUNTING SYSTEM: Slingshot’s unique K9 mounting system provides a solid connection to your board, eliminates heel/toe lift and provides fully customizable mounting options so you can set your stance exactly the way you want it.