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    News — 2019 Asylum

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    The Anatomy of the most Grippy Kiteboard on the market: A 2019 Asylum Kiteboard Review


    More Grip Than Any other in our Lineup

    The 2019 Asylum is the most grippy kiteboard in our lineup. That means that you're gonna be able to hold down more Kite with this board as well as get a better upwind tracking.

    A 2019 Asylum Kiteboard Review


    This grippy kiteboard’s features are:  

    1. Full wood core construction
    2. Single-shot fusion sidewall
    3. Chine plane rails through the belly of the board
    4. Laser-cut channels at the tip and tail to provide maximum grip and tracking


    The 2019 Slingshot Asylum Kiteboard FEATURES:

    • High-rocker freestyle and flatwater shredder
    • Huge pop, soft landings
    • Aggressive channeling for board speed and grip
    • Lively and durable wood-core construction
    • Upgraded Dura-Glide base for kickers, rails and sliders


    Champion Rider Carlos Mario uses 2019 Asylum Kiteboard

    The Grippy Kiteboard: Champion Rider Carlos Mario’s Top Pick

    The Asylum remains to be the board of choice by World Champion and best kiteboarder in the world, Carlos Mario, who has again won the World Kiteboarding Championships Akyaka 2018, the 1st GKA Germany Air Games 2018, Air Games GKA Dominican Republic 2018, and the GKA Tarifa 2018 this year on the Asylum.


    The Slingshot Asylum Over the Years

    Slingshot Asylum over the years

    Slingshot Asylum 2016: Flexible all-wood Atomic Core, precision laser-cut channels, and integrated Fastrack mounting system

    Slingshot Asylum 2017:  New Carbon bedrock inserts for lighter board weird and improved pull strength

    Slingshot Asylum 2018:  M6 Hardware and durable wood-core construction for huge grip and water tension


    Presenting The NEW Slingshot Asylum 2019

    The NEW Slingshot Asylum 2019

    The Slingshot Asylum 2019

    The latest and upgraded Asylum range comes in a 138- and 141-centimetre size. For the Asylum graphic, we wanted to play off the namesake so we have a full-length Rorschach test.

    The Asylum is the perfect kiteboard for any rider who's looking for the maximum grip and hold that a twin tip can offer. This means the best ‘upwindability’. It also is going to give you a lot of edge and hold down so that you can hold out more Kite which enables you to boost and jump higher.


    The 2019 Slingshot Asylum Kiteboard is available for $899.95. Click here to find your nearest stockist or make four interest-free payments of $224.99. This is also available in a package which includes Asylum Board, Kite Fins, and Grab Handle. Find out more about the Asylum.